Pressure Vessels

Construction Specialty Service, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of liquid separation equipment for the pipeline industry. We design and manufacture all types of Pressure vessels, components, subassemblies and complete systems for liquid separation and processes. Each liquid separation system has its own unique characteristics and must be examined on a case-by-case basis. Our extensive experience in component manufacturing and knowledge of field construction has helped us design products that minimize costs and installation time for any Process. CSS manufactures a range of pressure vessels to suit the custom needs of its clients. From oil and gas processing and production equipment, to Co-Gen skids. Each of our custom pressure vessels is calculated, assembled, tested to conform to ASME Division 1, Section VIII standards (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). In any New Build, Repair or Alteration, CSS stands ready to assist in the design and manufacture of your vessel needs. From sizes as small as 6" inches outside diameter to as large as 14 feet outside diameter vessels and can vary in;

Pressure Vessel 1
  • Sizes and volumes
  • Horizontal or vertical designs
  • Specialty alloys and materials
  • High or low pressure ratings
  • Heating and cooling options
  • Accessory valves and piping
  • Ladders and platforms

  • ASME/ASTM Pressure Vessels
  • Steam Generators (All Sizes)
  • Skid Manifolds
  • Custom Pressure Vessels
  • Carbon Steel Pressure Vessels
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels
  • Oil & Gas Pressure Vessels
    • Slug Catchers
    • Accumulator Bottles
    • Dehydrators
    • 2 Phase Separators
    • 3 Phase Separators
    • 12J Separators
    • Towers
    • Absorber Vessels
    • Amine Still Vessels
    • Trayed Towers
    • Knockout Drums
    • Bulk Vessels
  • Water Pressure Vessels
    • Softners
    • Hydrocyclones
    • Coalescers
Pressure Vessel 2

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